We train and compete with our own dogs. We do not send them off for training, All of our
dogs work livestock and we use them in everyday chores/farm work. We do recommend
anyone seeking information on training/guidance to checkout
http://www.workingaussiesource.com (we are members).

We do offer lessons with appointment on sheep/cattle/ducks. If you plan to work a pup under
7 months we will work sheep only for safety reasons. Just because it will eventually be a
cattle dog only does not mean it cannot learn basics/commands on sheep. We only work
with you on ducks if you request and/or plan to trial.
We may in the future take dogs in for training however at this point our time is consumed
with our own dogs/farm. We also feel as if the handler needs as much if not more knowledge
than the dog. It is simpler to train a dog to work but if you do not know how to handle a
trained dog then you can easily mess up his entire training.
Private Lessons are $40 per dog, and last approximately 1 hour or until we feel dog/handler
have absorbed enough information to go home and work on homework with.

We occasionally keep back pups for training and will have some at the started level (on to
advanced if they stay here that long). Prices start at $1500 for started dogs and more $$ are
added the longer they stay for training.