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                                         BREEDING AGREEMENT AND GUIDELINES

STALLION BREEDING TO: _____________________________________


ADDRESS: _________________________________________

CITY: ___________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP: __________

HOME PHONE # ______________________ WORK __________________________

(Mare does not have to be registered, but if she is please complete below, so we may file stallion report)
MARE'S TWHBEA or RHBAA REGISTERED NAME: ___________________________________
                                           REGISTRATION #(s): ___________________________________

1. Mare owner agrees to supply the correct name and registration number(s) for each mare being bred. Any
charges resulting from the failure to do so will be expensed to the mare owner.
2. Mare owner warrants that the mare being bred is healthy, in sound breeding condition, and is free from
infection or disease.
4. Mare owner agrees to pay all fees and related breeding expenses promptly.

1. The balance of the stud fee is due before mare leaves farm, semen shipped or picked up.
3. Charges for shipped semen must be paid before any shipping requests are processed, you may contact
Countryside Animal Clinic in Glasgow, KY to set up a credit card account (270) 678-1661.
4. Payment of all other fees and charges are due at the time services are rendered or upon receipt of an invoice
if charges were not pre-paid. Mare care is due when mare is picked up from the farm. Applications for
"Certificate of Registration" will not be issued until all fees, and/or expenses have been paid.

1. Mare owners should advise the farm of any mare that has previously aborted. After conception, any mares
with such history should have the progesterone level checked and associated expenses will be billed to the mare
owner directly by the veterinarian.
2. Aaron or Allison Lutterman, DreamWinds Farm, or its employees,  shall not be liable for any death, sickness,
injury and/or accident including consequential damages to the mare and/or foal. The mare owner understands,
authorizes and assumes the special risk inherent in the procedures and process of artificial insemination and its
many variables. The mare owner agrees to hold Aaron or Allison Lutterman, DreamWinds Farm, it's employees,
and/or any heirs, relatives or assigns, harmless for any and all damages, losses and/or expenses associated

1. The transfer of this contract is permitted only with the expressed written consent of DreamWinds Farm. It is
the responsibility of the mare owner designated in this contract to contact the farm with any request for such
2. If the contract is transferred without the written consent of DreamWinds Farm, the mare owner designated in
this contract will remain responsible for the payment of the full fee.
3. The transfer of this contract does not extend any time limitations or time periods contained herein. An
approved transfer of the contract would bind the new party to the same terms and provisions of the original
owner and only the unexpired term of breeding privileges apply.

1. The mare owner may substitute a different mare other than the one designated in this contract with the
expressed written consent of DreamWinds Farm. A substitute mare is subject to the same provisions as the mare
originally designated in said contract and assumes only the remaining portion of any time limitations specified in
this agreement.

1. Should the mare fail to produce a live foal, the mare owner shall be entitled to return privileges for re-breeding
for a period of two years from the initial date of breeding or shipping semen. There will be no additional fee for
re-breeding during this time period, but all related expenses incurred such as board, shipping fees, etc. will
2. Failure to promptly notify the farm of a mare aborting/absorbing, failure to conceive or death shall result in
loss of return privileges and the live foal guarantee. The status of the mare should be reported to the farm within
90 days of the last breeding date.
3. The mare owner shall notify the farm of the birth of the foal within 10 days of the birth of the foal. The farm will
promptly have a signed application for registration to the designated mare owner providing that all fees have
been paid and their account is in good standing.
4. In the event the stallion should die, become infertile or suffer injury or disease that would prohibit him from
breeding prior to the designated mare producing a live foal; the booking fee may be transferred to any available
stallion standing at DreamWinds Farm. The mare owner agrees to hold Aaron or Allison Lutterman, DreamWinds
Farm, its employees,  and their heirs, administrators, executors and assigns harmless from any and all financial
loss, consequential damages and/or loss of future profits.  In the case that there are no stallions standing at
DreamWinds Farm the breeding fee will be refunded.


Moon's Traveling Cowboy
Stud Fee: $300.00 L. F.G.

The terms of this agreement have been read and agreed upon by:

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