Whiskey is a 3yr old bay gelding, he was born here and at weaning he went
to live with an inexperienced young girl until he turned 3 yrs old. The girl
handled him and broke him to ride and we have done some light riding on
him this year. The only reason the girl did not keep him is that he chewed
her other horses tail. Since he has been here he has not chewed on any
tails. He is on the small side at 14hh but is perfect for anyone who doesn't
like tall horses because he can carry large people without a problem OR he
can become a child's horse. He is super calm, laid back. Not afraid of traffic,
dogs, water, etc. Good natured and has no bad habits. His gait is a bit
choppy right now but he is coming along quickly as the girl who trained him
does not know how to work a young one into his/her gaits.  Can be
registered RHBAA