DreamWind Mares

Whiteside's Surprise Girl
Mr. Whiteside's Threat Threat's Midnight Caller Paint's Rooster Paint The Town
Rocket's Miss Merry
Threatening Thelma Pete's Playboy
Threat's Bay Gal
Copys Midnight Dust Carbon's Going Copy V. GLL's Carbon Copy *WGC
Black Widow R.
Mike's Midnight Dust My Midnight Mike
Dusty's Black Pearl
Pete's Miracle Girl Pete's Miracle Man Pete's Playboy Peebles Go Boy
Midnight Merry Joe
Shawn Specil Delight Delight's Hyjacker
Go Boy's Angel B.
Rock's Lady Doctor Rock & Roll Star Insignias Rock and Roll
Ike's Choice
Delight's Lady Doctor Delight's 100 Proof
Whiteside's Threat out of Pete's Miracle Girl.  Full Sister to Whiteside's
Miracle Girl and Whiteside's Secret.  She is beautiful, intelligent, friendly,
and smooth-gaited.  She is currently bred to
Winddancer Paints a Sun for