We have collected some of the finest bloodlines of Painted Desert and Dragon Sheep
that you can find in this area. Most of our sheep come from Foundation farms in Texas
where they have bred for quality sheep for several years. We have owned Painted
Desert sheep since 2003. We started with 2 sheep, both were tri-colored (fawn, black,
white). The ram was a bottle baby that turned aggressive after he got older so he was
eventually sold and we purchased a ram that was a dorper/katahdin cross (polled). He
bred our Painted Desert Ewe and we raised several babies from the two for a couple of
years. We kept several ewe lambs from the breeding and eventually sold him and
bought another Painted Desert Ram. Eventually we made a trip to TX and picked up 3
ewe lambs, and our flock has grown from them, we have continued adding ewes from
TX over time that have trophy horn genetics..

The Painted Desert sheep is a sheep that were developed from several different hair
sheep breeds to be colorful and grow trophy size horns. They crossed domestic breeds
of sheep that had horns with Mouflons (a wild breed of sheep) and continued to breed
back to the hair breeds so that wool was eliminated and they retained the horn
size/length. They were mainly bred for Hunting Ranches, the bigger the horns the better.
Now, they are used for pets, lawn mowers, meat, and hunting. They are truly a beautiful
breed of sheep. They can be somewhat flighty , certain bloodlines are flightier than
others but if you spend time with them and feed them daily then you can have them
eating out of your hand in no time. They are more resistant than a lot of other breeds to
parasites. They are not maintenance free, you do have to deworm regularly and
vaccinate but they are not as time consuming as other breeds.

Horn growth is always a popular subject with breeders (everyone has their own ideas
and opinions, the following is our opinion). Some like them, some do not. You have to
like them if you raise Painted Desert Sheep. If you have a colorful sheep with no horns
then it is not a PDS. Some PDS horns grow fast (close to 2 inchs a month) and some
grow slow (1/2 inchs a month). We try never to sacrifice horns for color and vice versa.
Our ideal PDS sheep is a ram that can average 1-2 inchs a month and have color as
well. Our goal is to produce trophy size (gold class) horns by the age of 2-2.5 yrs.
can make no guarantees on horn growth once they leave our farm as there is a
combination of factors that come into play.
1. Genetics (we do our best to provide
those) 2. Nutrition - we cannot control this once they leave our farm. 3. Health - must be
in good health to grow good horns (of course).

I will try to post photos of rams that we have and show their horn growth by age at a
later date.
Painted Desert Sheep Info.
Horn Growth