Titan was my dream dog, I waited forever to get a dog like him. When I contacted
Judhi at Gearharts about a future pup I had no idea that she would send me this
one of a kind boy. He was never easy to work with as he had his own ideas about
how things should be done and we had plenty of battles but as he got older we just
'clicked'. I taught him all the commands of herding as I had planned to trial him one
day. But alas it was not to be. He worked almost daily with our sheep helping me
round up and handle the unruly ones, never failing to get them penned for me no
matter how aggressive the sheep was.In March of 2013 he developed some sores
on the inside of his ears. I thought it was an allergic reaction and took him to the vet
not knowing I only had a few months left with my boy as he was diagnosed with
which we later found out probably was picked up when we took him to work sheep
at my mothers house as we were around a creek around 6 weeks before
symptoms. We did multiple meds and tried every type of treatment but it claimed
him in July. I have never felt such loss or grief over one animal in my entire life.  He
was from HOF Mistretta bloodlines/linebred. He was the heart of our sheep
operation as we depended on him to work our sheep. He also loved my kids and let
them do anything they wanted to him.
In Memory of: Gearhart's Black Titanium