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AKC/ASCA litter born March 8 2020 Razr X Haven
WTCH Red Wolf of DreamWinds OFTDc RTDc DNA-VP X
DreamWinds Twist of Fate
LOADS of big names/HALL OF FAMES in their pedigrees, BUT these two don’t need to fall back on that because they also
work here on the farm and prove themselves. This will be Havens first but Razr has proven to produce strong working dogs.
Razr is also multi titled in the stockdog arena including Working Trial Champion, Ranch Trial dog on cattle, and Farm Trial
dog on cattle. He works by himself confidently or with another dog well, heads or heels. Sometimes we use him to get less
confident dogs built up. Razr loves to ride in vehicles, exceptional with kids, and just an all around great farm/family dog who
works for anyone. Razr can handle some of the toughest cattle we have introduced to him, pairs, and rogues. Haven is more of
a one person type dog and more confident on sheep than cattle (due to lack of exposure). She is not one to bite unnecessarily.
When pairing these two together I thought of both strengths and weaknesses. Haven brings to the table a versatility background
and has also started to dabble into agility. Razr prefers to work but will do agility if requested. Contact us for more info.
Deposit list has been started. Preferences to working (farm/ranch OR Arena) or performance homes. These pups should be
moderate/high drive and not suitable for low activity homes.

When buying a DreamWinds puppy full payment including shipping is required before the puppy goes to his/her
new home. Microchip, eye exams, additional vaccinations other than our standard 5-way can be added at buyers
expense. Our puppies are started on Purina or Black Gold puppy food and will come with a puppy kit, they will be
current on worming and vaccinations. Puppies will be available for pickup at 8 weeks, shipping at 9 weeks.

We require the use of "DreamWinds" which is an ASCA registered kennel name (no exceptions).

All of our dogs are family dogs first and foremost and working stockdogs. OFAs have been completed on hips, eyes,
and elbows and registered with the
OFA (simply type their name in search field or go to individual page for direct
link). They have also been genetically DNA tested for any inheritable traits that have been located on the Aussie
panel. We have done our best to ensure we are breeding the healthiest dogs possible to produce pups with long life
spans. We do offer a 5 year health guarantee on inheritable diseases. All dogs MUST be OFAd
PRIOR to breeding
for hip, elbow, eye guarantee to be in effect for eye, hip, elbow guarantee. All puppies are well socialized from birth
and buyers MUST continue socialization to have a well rounded individual. We have paired the parents together to
strive for the most versatile quality dog possible. Prices are subject to litter/pup but range from $500-1500.
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Ember (male)
Cadence (female)
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Aspen (female)
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