Spirit Winds
Evil's Apache Spirit Charlie B. Stuntman Evil's Stuntman Sun's Evil Boy
Cat's Lady Anne
Rankin's Blue Lady Go Boy's Wonder M
Mary's White Ladyl
Ebonys Apache Spirit Spirit of Apache Marshal Dillon
Dusty Sally
Ebonys Bella Cabaret Ebonys Masterpiece *(WGC)
Ann's Merry Gal
June's Perfect Commander Delight's Perfect Patches Big Man's Delight Paint's Big Man
Toddys Midnight Lady
Rascal's Perfect Copy Copy's Little Rascal
Copy's Classic Girl
Easter Command Eb's In Command Prides Big Commander
I Lost My Sock
I Lost My Sock Ebony Masterpiece *(WGC)
Go Boy's Bonnie B.
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Spirit Winds
L'Oreal is an exquisite 2003 black/white tovero mare. 15.1hh and stocky built,
naturally gaited. She is reg. TWHBEA.